• What conditions must be met to rent a car?

The car can be rented to people who have a national or international driving license for at least 2-3 years (depending on the car). This aspect will be attested by presenting a valid driving license and an identity document (ID card, passport, international identity card, etc.).

  • What documents do I need to sign the contract?

When you want to rent a car from Carplan’s portfolio you need:

Individual: category B driving license and identity card (BI/ CI or passport);

Legal entity: copy of the Registration Certificate (C.U.I.), the rental order from the company (stamped and signed), the company’s stamp, the power of attorney for the person designated to take over the car and sign the contract.

  • Can I go with the rented car abroad?

Travel can also be done abroad. The difference is that all additional costs (guarantees, fees, etc.) are borne by the customer

  • Does the rented car have to be returned with a full tank?

The car is handed over/ taken over with a full fuel tank. The fuel consumed during the rental period is borne by the customer. Therefore, the customer must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel.

  • How many people can drive the rented car? Are there additional fees?

The rented car can be driven by the contract holder and other additional drivers indicated in the contract. A maximum of 2 additional drivers/ rental contract is accepted and a fee of 30.00 euros/ additional driver is charged.

  • What to do if I want to extend the rental period?

If the car you have rented is valid when you want an extension (it is not reserved by someone else), you can contact us and we can extend your rental period by the number of hours/ days you want, for a fee, depending on the rented car.

  • What to do if I want to pick up the rented car directly from the airport?

A Carplan agent will be waiting for you at the airport. The contract is signed at the airport and the car can be picked up immediately. If it is the first closure, you must send the scanned identity card and driving license by e-mail.

  • Will there be additional charges for delaying the delivery of the car?

If the customer returns the vehicle beyond the contractually limited time limit, an additional contract fee will be charged. The additional rate is different, depending on the rented car.

  • What to do in the event of a car accident or if the car has a mechanical failure?

Carplan representatives are at your disposal throughout the rental. The first step is to contact us immediately. You can find the contact details on the signed contract or directly on the site. If there is a technical malfunction, you receive non-stop roadside assistance. On the other hand, you will receive another car in exchange if the fault cannot be remedied immediately. In the event of an accident, the customer must procure and then provide Caplan with copies of the documents of third parties involved in the accident (MTPL insurance policy, identity card, driving license, registration certificate), police report or amicable finding. If the person who rent the car and/ or the other participant are strangers, the investigation must be carried out on the spot and the police report must be attached.

  • Can I rent a car with a driver?

The car can be rented with a driver, for a fee.

  • Can I benefit from additional services when I rent a car?

At the client’s request, we can offer GPS system, child seat, for a fee.